4 Reasons Parents Are Happy That School Superintendents Are Back in Power

Amy Zimmer, DNAinfo

January 23, 2015


Schools feel press of growing demands

Maya Rajamani, The Riverdale Press

January 21, 2015


Obama takes on Google in law to protect privacy of U.S. kids

Laura Colby, Bloomberg News

January 21, 2015


Obama to propose new student privacy legislation

Emma Brown, Washington Post

January 19, 2015


Parent Coalition Calls for New Federal Student Privacy Protections

Samatha Colton, Amsterdam News

January 15, 2015


Charters have right to share space with public schools: court

Julia Marsh, New York Post

January 13, 2015


Barack Obama to seek limits on student data mining

Stephanie Simon, Politico

January 11, 2015


Faced with lawsuits, city argues school leadership meetings are not public

Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat

January 9, 2015


Latest 2014 Newsclips


Advocates eagerly await E-Rate vote- Pearson to revamp PISA- Sobering pleas on school violence- Jindal Blast Duncan ahead of NOLA visit

Caitlin Emma, Politico

December 11, 2014


UFT calls for end of tax break for absentee co-op and condo owners to cut K-3 classes to 15

Masie Mcadoo, UFT News

December 9, 2014


To reduce class sizes, UFT looks to absentee landlords

Brian Charles, Chalkbeat New York

December 9, 2014


Cut City Class Sizes by Increasing Taxes on Absentee Owners: UFT

Sybile Penhirin, DNAinfo

December 9, 2014


Teachers Union Wants City to Close Tax Loopholes for Absentee Apartment Owners

Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal

December 9, 2014

Union: Absentee Homeowners should help NYC schools

Beth Fertig, WNYC Schoolbook

December 9, 2014


Parents, legislators push back against Common Core

Kelli B. Grant, CNBC

December 1, 2014


Is there a school for my child? Education options

Nadine Hoffmann, The Villager

November 27, 2014


Washington passes class size initiative — 2016 field packed with education wonks — FSU president will meet with outraged students

Maggie Severns, Politico

November 10, 2014


Students finding success with ‘flipped’ learning

Asbury Park Press

November 5, 2014


Bond Act Passage Translates to More Seats in NYC Schools

Patricia Willens, WNYC Schoolbook

November 5, 2014


Why I’m Voting ‘Yes’ on the Smart Schools Bond Act, Proposition 3

Leonie Haimson, Gotham Gazette

November 4, 2014


About these three proposals on Tuesday’s NY ballot

Mary Frost, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

November 3, 2014


Play Nice: NYC Panel Recommends Space-Sharing Tactics for Schools

Beth Fertig, WNYC SchoolBook

October 31, 2014


Challenges of having charter schools in the city buildings are being tackled by an expert panel

Ben Chapman, New York Daily News

October 31, 2014


N.Y.C. Schools to Open Doors to Student Cellphones

Sam Atkeson, Education Week

October 29, 2014


EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Education Department official’s $420K contract violate ethics rules, critics say

Ben Chapman, New York Daily News

October 19, 2014


Ed. Data-Mining Research Effort Wins Federal Grant, Raises Privacy Questions

Benjamin Herold, Education Week

October 10, 2014


Student-Privacy Pledge for Ed-Tech Providers Draws Praise, Criticism

Michele Molnar, Education Week

October 7, 2014


Teachers union gives de Blasio a pass on school overcrowding

Yoav Gonan and Carl Campanile, New York Post

October 3, 2014


Quietly, UFT reports that classroom overcrowding is getting worse

Geoff Decker, Chalkbeat

September 30, 2014


NYC Schools Overcrowded, Professors Say (+Video)

Petr Svab, Epoch Times

September 24, 2014


City’s most crowded school packs in 4 times its capacity

Susan Edelman, New York Post

September 7, 2014


EE.UU.: Cinco millones de niños estudian en contenedores

Anahi Rubin,  teleSUR

September 1, 2014



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