Class Size

For over a decade, Class Size Matters has advocated for smaller class sizes in NYC. You can take a look at our timeline below or view our fact sheets here.


November 23, 2015 

Testimony: Large Class Sizes Still Prevalent in Renewal Schools


November 16, 2015

Report: Number of K-3 Students in classes of 30 or more risen sharply since 2011


October, 2015

Class Size Reduction Questions for the NYC DOE on the C4E 2015-2015 ‘Plan’


September 25, 2015

Receivership Hearings: Testimony on how to improve Grover Cleveland HS

Receivership hearings: Testimony on how to improve Flushing HS


August 17, 2015

The City’s attempt to bury the news of its rejection of the Blue Book Working Group’s recommendations on class size


July 31, 2015

Update on city’s decision to reject class size recommendations of DOE Working Group


July 15, 2015

Comments on the DOE’s proposed 2015-2016 Class Size and Contracts for Excellence proposal


November 29, 2014

Class Size Matters suggestions to the Blue Book Working group


November 18, 2014

Class size averages drop slightly this fall in grades K-3 and 4th-8th, but grow in HS; At least 367,784 students remain in classes of 30 or more


November 13, 2014

Class Size Matters along with advocates and parents urge Moratorium on Co-locations  


October 28, 2014

Testimony before the NYC Council Education Committee on the negative impact of excessive class sizes on students with disabilities


October- November 2014

Data on Class Size trends in selected districts 


September 22, 2014

Letter from 73 Education and Psychology Professors Urging the Chancellor and the Mayor to Reduce Class Size


June 17, 2014

New York’s Classroom Space Crunch (oped in Gotham Gazette)


March 26, 2014

Letter to Assembly Leaders about Proposed Elimination of the Contracts for Excellence (C4E) Law


March 20, 2014

Testimony on the DOE Expense Budget  


November 11, 2013

NYC Class Sizes Increase for 6th Year in Row & Why


June 10, 2013

NYS Supreme Court Requires DOE to hold borough hearings on its C4E and class size plan 


May 18, 2013

The Crisis in NYC Schools: ‘Where are we now?’


February 26, 2013

Class Size Increasing citywide: 2013 data & trends for each district


February, 2013

Sample Resolution Class Size 2013


January 24, 2013

What was Left out of the Cuomo Commission report: Presentation at the Campaign for Educational Equity Conference


January 11, 2013

CFE Letter to the DOE, Demanding that Violations of C4E law be Addressed


January 8, 2013

Letter to State on Failure of C4E Process


December 3, 2012

Class Size: Key Issue in Public Education


November 27, 2012

Princeton Presentation on class size and CFE lawsuit


October 11, 2012

Rebuttal to DOE’s Rationale for Eliminating Reporting on TCUs and Class Size


July 26, 2012

Testimony before the Cuomo Commission on Education Reform


June 6, 2012

Testimony before the City Council Education Committee on the potential impact on class size of  mandatory Kindergarten and the special education inclusion


May 11, 2012

Transparency and Accuracy in Reporting on Class Size Matters and TCUs: Testimony before the Report & Advisory Board Review Commission


April 11, 2012

Failed Strategies for “failing schools”: Testimony before the NYC Assembly Education Committee on the NYC’s Plan for Persistently Low Achieving Schools


March 28, 2012

Testimony on DOE’s FY13 Education Budget; More Cuts to Schools and Larger Class Sizes Next Year?


December 19, 2011

Resolutions and Comments on the Flaws in the DOE’s Contract for Excellence “Plan”


November 15, 2011

Class Size Increases for Fourth Year in a row


October 12, 2011

Letter to Commissioner King  from UFT, Class Size Matters, the NAACP, and AQE on the DOE’s C4E public process .


October 11, 2011

The Need for the City to retain mandated reporting on Class Size and TCU’s


October 2011

Is the City Violating the Law when it comes to Class Size? You Betcha!


August 4, 2011

Class Size Reduction vs. Race to the Top: Research Support and Benefits


June 29, 2011

Legislation requiring more transparency and accountability passed by NYC Council


June 6, 2011

Testimony about the budget cuts and proposals where the money can be found


May 19, 2011

Petition to get the Mayor and the NYC Council to stop the cuts to the Classroom


April 8, 2011

Testimony on Proposed Budget Cuts to Schools


March 8, 2011

The Diane Rehm Show Interview: Class Size and Student Achievement


March 7, 2011

Debating Class Size on MSNBC


November 10, 2010

Presentation for Three Parks Independent Democratic Club o the Bloomberg/Klein record


November 6, 2010

Class Size Crisis Presentation for the UFT Parent Conference


November 3, 2010

Comments on the HS Progress Reports


October 10, 2010

Comments on A-190, proposed regs. on school closings & co-locations


September 22, 2010

NYC’s Secret Deal to nullify its Class Size Commitments


March, 2009

Recommendations on School Governance


July, 2006

2006 Amicus Brief Submitted by New Yorkers for Smaller Class Sizes


September 20, 2004

Memorandum on Class Size for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity Case Submitted by New Yorkers for Smaller Classes


April, 2000

Smaller is Better: First-hand Reports of Early Grade Class Size Reduction in New York City Public Schools

Fact sheets (undated):

·         Class Size Reduction Fact Sheet

·         F.A.Q.s about Class Size

·         The Contracts for Excellence (C4E) Law

·         7 Myths of Class Size Reduction

·         Class size reduction in the upper grades

·         The Evidence from California

·         Class Size versus Race to the Top

·         Is there a threshold effect in reducing class size?